Dance Team Auditions

The UCLA Dance Team is the officially recognized Dance Team for the university. The team performs and travels to support the UCLA Athletic Department throughout the season. Returning members must audition each year and are not guaranteed a spot on the team.

Composition and Techniques

There are nine to thirteen members on the Dance Team. We hold high standards for our dancers: excellent technique, flexibility and tricks including turns, leaps, triple turns, fouettés, switch leaps and leg holds (tumbling is not required). The Dance Team learns more than 50 routines to music by the UCLA Bruin Marching Band and recorded music for competition routines and basketball half-time performances. Squad members must also be familiar with cheerleading arm motions and be able to work with pom poms.

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Time Commitments

Spring and Summer
  • Throughout the month of May, the squad will meet 2-3 nights/week from 6-9 p.m. to work on dance technique and material for upcoming events throughout the summer and football games.
  • The team has the month of June off.
  • Workouts and practices begin July through the beginning of fall quarter.
  • The full squad is required to attend Boot Camp in August.

Rehearsals and Workouts
  • Once classes begin for fall quarter, rehearsals are held Sunday afternoons from 4-7 p.m. and Wednesday nights from 6-9 p.m. with additional rehearsals scheduled during evenings and weekends when practice space is available.
  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings are reserved for workouts.
  • Dance Team members are required to find an additional two times during the week to maintain their fitness.

Typically, workouts are with our trainer and include TRX. Rehearsals are with the coach and involve learning and reviewing game material.


The Dance Team performs at athletic, community outreach, campus, alumni, media and community events throughout the year:

  • All home and select away football games
  • All home and select away men’s and women’s basketball games
  • Select women’s volleyball games
  • Select gymnastics meets
  • Select Olympic sporting events including: water polo, softball, track and field, soccer.
  • Various campus events including: Bruin Day, Volunteer Day, class appearances, grand openings, recognition ceremonies
  • Various alumni events including: seasonal kick-offs, dinners, scholarship presentations.
  • Media events including: TV promotions, sponsorship promotions, commercials, photo shoots.
  • Community outreach appearances
  • Community events including: birthday parties, weddings, and bar/bat mitzvahs.

What to Expect in Clinics

  • Dancers are taught the Fight Song, Drum Cadence and Performance Routine.
  • Fight Song involves cheerleading, straight-arm motions, and is performed with pom poms.
  • Drum Cadence is four 8-counts that repeat choreographed to “Ow!” by the UCLA Bruin Marching Band.
  • Performance Routine incorporates lyrical, thrash jazz and/or hip hop.
  • When the candidate makes it to the final round, he/she will be asked to perform eight 8-counts of their own choreography. This is the candidate’s opportunity to demonstrate skills and personality that are not presented in the Fight Song, Drum Cadence or Performance Routine.

What to Expect on Audition Day

Before Audition
  • Dancers arrive stretched and ready to perform the Fight Song, Drum Cadence and Performance Routine.
  • This is an opportunity for the dancers to warm up and hear the music.

Preliminary Round
  • Dancers enter in groups of 2 or 3 and are introduced to the Judging Panel.
  • Each candidate will lead the audience in a UCLA cheer.

Final Round
  • Dancers are interviewed and perform their solos in a group setting.
  • Afterwards, they may be asked to perform the Fight Song and/or the Performance Routine as a group.
  • Each candidate will participate in a group interview and deliver a personal statement (45 seconds). Two to three questions are asked during each interview.

What to Wear for Audition Day

  • Cheer skirt, dance pants or shorts
  • Form fitting top (leotard, full-length sports bra) in order to see body lines and positioning - no mid-riffs please.
  • Small, white, ankle socks (for skirts) dark tights or socks (for pants)
  • Shoes - shoelaces tucked in - appropriate for executing dance moves
  • Hair should be out of the candidate's face, but not in a ponytail
  • Stage/game-ready/TV-ready make-up
  • Appropriate bras or sport bras and bloomers/briefs
  • No jewelry or body piercings
  • No ribbons/bows
  • No food or gum
  • Overall clean, mature and collegiate presentation

  • Blue or black pants
  • Polo shirt or tight fitting top
  • Dark tights or socks (for pants)
  • Athletic shoes or jazz shoes
  • No facial hair
  • Short, clean hair cut
  • No jewelry or body piercings
  • No food or gum
  • Overall clean, mature and collegiate presentation