Yell Crew Auditions

Yell Crew members are the student leaders and mascots throughout the season. Each squad member will be working with a specific specialty, but will be serving in both a Yell Crew and Mascot role. The top four to ten individuals (male and female) are selected. Returning members must audition each year and are not guaranteed a spot on the team.


Vocals and Visual Cues
Yell Crew members must have strong voices and personalities in order to motivate and lead Bruin fans. Squad members must also have enthusiasm and coordination to excel as Joe or Josie Bruin.

Sports Knowledge
Yell Crew members must understand the timing of sports so as to effectively lead cheers and make an impact on the crowd as a crowd leader, as well as in the mascot costume.

Notes from the Director

“We are looking for spirit, not insanity. Make sure to work with your vocals, listening carefully for the game and event situations, knowledge of sports and controlled presentation of cheers/chants. Do not respond with an 8-clap to every game/event situation. Use the game situation to help dictate the cheer - incorporating the defense and offense when possible. When given the situation, our Bruin defense is on the field and we do not want the other team to score a touchdown. Use for example, 'Defense (clap, clap), defense,' and repeat it. Most importantly, don’t forget to breathe!"

Time Commitments

Spring and Summer

The Yell Crew will meet during spring quarter to review goals and expectations for the year and will have June and July off.

  • Throughout the Fall and Winter quarters, the team will workout without trainer.
  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings are reserved for workouts.
  • Practices are focused on game material.


The Yell Crew performs at athletic, campus, alumni, media and community service events throughout the year:

  • All home and select away football games
  • All home and select away men’s and women’s basketball games
  • Select women’s and men’s volleyball games
  • All home gymnastics meets
  • Community outreach appearances
  • Select Olympic sporting events including: water polo, softball, track and field, soccer.
  • Various campus events including: class appearances, grand openings, recognition ceremonies.
  • Various alumni events including: seasonal kick-offs, dinners, scholarship presentations.
  • Media events including: TV promotions, sponsorship promotions, commercials, photo shoots.
  • Community events including: birthday parties, weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs.

What to Expect in Clinics

Candidates will practice responding to game situations with a microphone, megaphone, and signs. They will also have mascot costumes available in order to get used to them and are welcome to seek advice regarding game/event situation responses.

What to Expect on Audition Day

Candidates are randomly selected and given three to five different game/event situations in which they must lead a crowd of spectators in a cheer using:

  • A microphone
  • A megaphone
  • Vocals without the assistance of a microphone or megaphone
  • Visual cues without vocals (with provided signs)

Candidates will have the option to perform in the Mascot costume with improvisations to music and game situations.

Candidates return for group interviews including two to three questions from the judging panel.

Each candidate will participate in a group interview and deliver a personal statement (45 seconds). Two to three questions are asked during each interview.

What to Wear for Audition Day

  • BLUE and GOLD
  • Shirt or tank top
  • Khaki shorts (not too short) or pants (not too tight) - make sure that you can move
  • Short, white, ankle socks
  • White, athletic shoes - shoelaces tucked in
  • Hair tied back for females, clean hair cut for males
  • No facial hair for males
  • No jewelry or body piercings
  • No food or gum
  • Overall clean, mature and collegiate presentation