Battling Bruin: Cassidy

Posted October 2017

Cassidy was diagnosed with liver cancer when she was just one month old. She received a liver transplant at the UCLA medical center at nine months old. Since then, she has become an excellent student, dancer and cheerleader, as well as an all-around athlete and positive role model.

Unfortunately, Cassidy was diagnosed with a secondary cancer in her neck. Seventeen years later, she and her family are coming back to live at UCLA for eight weeks while she receives treatment. While this is not how she wanted to become a Bruin, the silver lining during treatment is that Cassidy will be living close to campus and experiencing college life. 

The UCLA Spirit Squad is providing any support possible, but celebrating Cassidy’s survivor status and her strength are the boost that she needs right now. Leaving her friends, school and cheer are a big sacrifice for her, and she is handling it with dignity and strength. Cassidy and her family hope to attend some games and make her a true UCLA fan and maybe even a future Bruin!

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