Battling Bruin: Krissie

Posted August 2013

At 38 Krissie Robin was diagnosed with early stage 1 breast cancer. Her diagnosis was unusual since she was young for breast cancer and there is no family history of breast cancer in her family. She found the lump in her breast from bathing. She let it go for a couple of weeks, and she thought it was some sort of pulled muscle since she would feel a twinge in her shoulder when rubbing the lump. She decided she would have it checked out since she was due for her annual female exam.

Krissie’s boyfriend at the time, now husband, drove her to the follow up with her doctor. She wasn't expecting the diagnosis to be positive, so she had him wait in the car. Hearing the results from the biopsy was a huge blur. She was numb and wasn't fully hearing what the doctor was saying. It couldn't be true. She was the healthiest person she knew! Krissie led a clean life and felt that her body failed her. This was the hardest thing to accept. Next was to tell people, almost just as hard. The words wouldn't come out once she got back to the car with her boyfriend. She felt the anguish in her face. She couldn't say it! The words "I have breast cancer" were so difficult for her to release. The call to her parents and close girlfriends made it true for her.

Having cancer changed Krissie. She had always had love surrounding her before cancer but didn't quite understand the depth of the love. She was strong, healthy, constantly moving forward, and always had the pursuit to do everything on her own. The diagnosis, basically, forced Krissie to stop and smell the roses. Friends and family had her on their prayer lists. Many people prayed for her health, even people she didn't know. Krissie was lifted up, and it was powerful! She did a lot of self reflection during this time and focused on healthy living. She changed her diet, which wasn't horrible to begin with, and fed her soul. She had a career that ran her life, so she changed her career and explored a different path. Her parents and close girlfriends were all very supportive and she embraced their love. Everyone in Krissie’s family constantly kept her in their thoughts, including her three cousins who attended UCLA. During it all, she was proposed to by a wonderful man who she adores so much, and with him came three dynamic stepchilderen. Krissie and her husband eloped and tied the knot between chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It was bitter sweet. Through her battle with breast cancer she found love in faith in herself, in friends and family, and in partner and marriage.

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