Cheer Squad: Jessica

Equipment Coordinator

Name: Jessica
Hometown & State: Fresno, CA
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Major: Physiological Science
Favorite Music: A little bit of everything, but mostly alternative/indie, EDM and pop.
Favorite Movie(s): Crazy. Stupid. Love. and the Proposal
Favorite Book(s): The Fault in Our Stars and Eleanor & Park
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Candy: Trolli gummi rocks
Favorite Sport: Football to cheer for and basketball to watch.
Guilty Pleasure: Eating dessert and taking BuzzFeed quizzes!
Favorite thing to do on a Friday night: Watch movies with friends.
Favorite Coach Wooden Quote to live by: "Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of being."
Most influential teacher: My parents--they taught me that anything that truly makes you happy is worth pursuing.
What event in history would you most like to witness and why?
I would like to have witnessed the opening day of Disneyland because it's the happiest place on earth!
Where do you see yourself in five years?
I am not sure where I will be, but I hope to be happy, healthy, and surrounded by the ones I love.

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